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We are looking forward to sharing our course guides and trip itineraries with you.

Our next two International destinations are Bangkok and Bali - where would you rather go?


SkyBar Bangkok looks over the entire city. A great place to have a drink before venturing into one of the most exciting nightlifes in the world. 

A note from CEO, Ben Foote

After having worked in senior roles and as CEO across Telecommunications, Digital Media and Education businesses I understand the mindset and key actions necessary to quickly advance careers. I look forward to sharing these with you so that you can fast track your journey.  


In launching the series of Mini MBA's from Asia-Pacific Business School it is my vision to not only deliver an exceptional learning experience but to give learners a memorable international trip to expand networks, bring about new thinking, help reset goals - and of course have a great time. 


I was lucky to study an MBA in Barcelona and not only learn valuable business skills but wrapped in an awesome life experience. The Mini MBA programs from the APAC Business School are inspired by learning coming from more than books and online tutorials - but also found in different cultures, new friendships and shared experiences.  



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